Lisa's Pet Place
160 Village Square
Painted Post, NY 14870


Lisa's Pet Place

Laura Hofstetter , Corning NY
2/28/2024 10:15:52 AM

I got a beautiful red betta fish and I'm extremely happy with the service and helpful knowledge to keep it healthy and alive. Thank you so much!!

Five stars
Valerie Carlin, NA
9/21/2021 6:43:00 PM

Always helpful, wonderful shopping experiences.

Best place to purchase feeder insects
Jake, Savona
5/24/2021 8:44:46 PM

We come to Lisa's pet place for insects for our beardie, its a weekly trip but seriously we don't live far so this is perfect. Also the only place we do business strictly because we have been ripped off before, spent $6 for "32" crickets only ended up with like 12 in the container.

Above and Beyond
Rick Myers, Painted Post
2/12/2021 9:52:34 AM
My 12 yr old son wanted a Ball Python. After checking a few stores without success we called Lisa's from Horseheads. They had one in stock, my son told them we would be there as soon as possible. when we arrived store was dark. the door opened and we were waved in. They were actually closed but had waited for my son so he could get his snake! That's what customer service is all about. Great store, great people, great service!
Mattie, Corning
1/15/2021 2:32:47 PM

I am so impressed with this place! She is very nice and patient, she will stand an explain to you what fish go with each other and what not to get. That store also smells super good for a pet place. I’m so happy with the fish she helped me pick out and I will definitely go back again

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